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Packing is considered to be one of the most critical parameters for successful residential moving. The official website of man and van gives you an overview about packing as an integrated service. But you would be obviously interested to know about the detailed features. The materials used for packing make a big impact on the protective features offered to your cargo during transit. By dismantling furniture and fixture to the bare minimum size can help in increasing the carrying volume of your cargo. You can find more information about these features, when you visit the official website of man and van.

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Website Info on Packing

  • Corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes are the standard containers for household items. You can get these cartons in variable sizes for accommodating your laptop till you can pack a complete fridge.
  • If the cargo is fragile it could be packed in wooden carton boxes and filled with foam or bubble sheet covering. This procedure saves the items from external vibrations.
  • Packing the cartons with tapes makes the cargo highly portable in nature. You could visit the official website to get more information.
  • All the packing norms according to the British removal standards are conformed to .Packed boxes are numbered and named to be kept Ina row to make sure of maximum occupancy within the limited space.

Website Info on Loading

The process of packing and is followed by loading almost one after the other. The loaders take special care in placing of the cargo within the van’s storage section. All the heavier cartons and boxes are placed at the bottom most level, while the others are arranged above the base sections.

Website info on Transportation

This is considered to be the most critical points in the field of residential shifting. The time consumed by the van can be determined by the volume of traffic and traffic jam on the way. You get regular feedback about the position of your cargo in transit.

If the route map of the removal service plan has any break points in between, the delay in the arrival at the destination needs o be informed to the customer (you) at the right time. The website link can give you more information regarding this.

Website info on Insurance

Cargo Insurance is a safety formula for protecting your cargo value from fire, accidents, damages and other forms of unexpected mishaps during transit period. You can refer to the website for more info about the terms and conditions.

Website Info on Customer Care

You can get all the details about the service architecture, rates and other queries from the customer care center. If your cargo is getting delayed without information about the reasons, you can contact the emergency helpline numbers.

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The 24 X 7 customer care center is also responsible for answering your queries about the documentation procedures. Bills, invoices, lading papers, Insurance papers and other forms of documents information can be found here. Customer care is given top priority at the man and van website.