Overcoming Addictive Behaviors with Tran Siu

Tran SiuThe analysis and root cause determination of addictive behaviors in the community by Tran Siu has helped in reducing their negative consequences. Most of the addictions among youth and the elders could be to nicotine, alcohol, marijuana and other forms of chemical based drugs.  Addiction seems to start at the physical level and grow into mental and psychological dependence. At one stage the person loses control over the addictive behavior as it becomes compulsive and his mind and body get conditioned to the substance abuse.

Early Detection and Cure by Tran Siu

Tran SiuTran Siu has been spending his valuable time in identifying the addictive trends among the youth in the early stages. This method has helped in avoiding many youth from taking the support of de-addiction medications, Detox and rehabilitation centres.

  • According to psychologists, the youth turn to substance abuse because of the momentary relief they provide from boredom, anxiety, stress and other forms of physical and psychological strain. They also provide a momentary sense of “achievement” which the users are unable to experience when they stay sober.
  • By transforming the thinking patterns of the youth, Tran Siu has been able to make them focus on sports related activities completely. Winning in local matches and tournaments gives them the sense of achievement which most of them missed in their academic careers. Once this sense of contentment and joy has been experienced, they may not wish to go back their addictions.
  • Sharing of experiences by the sobered youth can go a long way in convincing the addicts. They are able to listen to the sobered youth since they can establish connectivity with each other. By relating their current status with the past conditions of the sobered and looking at the way they have changed, the youths are able to change too.
  • The willingness to change is said to be the key which opens the doors for consistency in active sporting participation. They youth are able to focus completely on their training programs. As a result they see improvements in their physical fitness and health levels.

Setting Examples by Tran Siu

The intuition to follow the path to health and well being gets fired up when the youth see a real goal setter for them. Tran Siu has been doing this for many years now with the active support of community members.

  • Bullying is one common form of harassing the others. The harasser is said to be a victim of inferiority complex and other serious psychological disorders. Some of the symptoms seem to be visible while the others stay dormant.
  • Tran Siu has been able to identify these traits among the youth clearly. His anti bullying methods are oriented towards restoring the confidence for life in the harassed as well as the harassing youth. The awareness at the conscious and sub conscious mind makes them overcome their negative traits gradually. Tran Siu has been patient and persistent in bringing about the changes in an assured manner.