The Top Four Things to Look For When Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners are an absolute pleasure for any person who loves spending those warm afternoons by the pool but hates the chores of keeping the pool in running order. These machines can do all the hard work for you, but you do need to make sure that you pick the right one.

Vacuum pressure

Imagine that you dump the machine in the water, and for the first twenty minutes its off like a Trojan gathering everything that gets in its way. Then all of a sudden it starts running out of steam. Next it’s just pushing twigs and leaves out of the way instead of scooping them up. Some robotic cleaners can drop their vacuum pressure when the filter bag gets full; make sure that the one that you buy keeps its vacuum pressure up for the whole process.

Filter size

That sleek and skinny robotic pool cleaner looks fantastic and you marvel at it as it glides smoothly around the bottom of the pool. Its done about half of the pool when you all of sudden realize that the filter is full and you need to lug it out the pool and clean it out. This is not the convenience you paid all that money for. Before you invest in a robotic pool cleaner that looks good, make sure that the filter size is big enough to clean your whole pool in one go.

Wall and step ability

If the bottom of your pool is spotless but the steps and the sides of the walls are still green you are not going to be happy. Some robotic pool cleaners have a great ability to glide around the depths of the pool but when it comes to the step, its just one to far – they can’t get there. The same thing with the walls, these machines are designed to get up to the waterline in order to scrub algae off the sides of the walls. If they don’t have the power or the grip to get to the top of the wall then you need to find one that does.


Robotic pool cleaners either come with an internal computer which tries to learn the layout of the pool and then map the most efficient path to cleaning it or an systematic process which cleans the pool by steps and sense where there are objects in front of it. Although the initial way is probably where the technology will head, currently you would want to be choosing the latter as the process by which you pool is mapped invariably leads to a spot that is missed.

What Is The Best Electric Chainsaw? How To Decide?

An electric chainsaw is one which has batteries inside it and works with the power of electricity. It is much difficult to buy the best chainsaw. If you are going to work with an electric chainsaw, then you need an extra cord for this reason. In this article, we will discuss how to decide that What Is The Best Electric Chainsaw?

Benefits Of An Electrical Chainsaw:

There are many advantages regarding an electric chainsaw. Such as:

What Is The Best Electric Chainsaw

  • No maintenance required.
  • They are cheap in price.
  • Electrical chainsaws are small and light weight.
  • They are ideal for pruning.
  • No exhaust or fumes that one needs to inhale while working.
  • Convenient and practical.

Disadvantages Regarding The Use Of An Electrical Chainsaw:

There are many benefits as well as disadvantages regarding an electric chainsaw. Such as:

  • In my opinion, the biggest disadvantage of an electric chainsaw is the need of extension cord. You need to manage it while working.
  • Also the need of an electrical power source.
  • Typically you cannot go far out of the 100 feet of an electrical power supply.
  • It is also limited in power because your house can only accommodate 15 amps of power.
  • Limitations for cutting down a large tree.

Best Electric Chainsaw:

While buying a chainsaw, you will always wonder about What Is The Best Electric Chainsaw? Let’s take a look at some considerations one must keep in mind while buying a chainsaw.


The first and foremost considerations one must keep in mind are the performance of a chainsaw. Cutting speed is the most important mitt of a chainsaw. One can measure the cutting speed of a chainsaw by checking that how much time it takes to cut a 10 inches theater beam. The weight of the chainsaw can also affect its performance. If a chainsaw is heavy, you can slow down a bit while working. AMPs and volts are the other factors in the performance.


To get fewer injuries, the top of the chainsaws has some extra feature regarding security. One can get injuries through kickbacks as well as burn his hands by contacting directly with mufflers.

Ease Of Using A Chainsaw:

The factors that indicate the ease while using a chainsaw are as follows:

  • Handling
  • How much time it takes to start
  • Approachability
  • Plug sparking
  • Air filters
  • Convenience in adding fluid
  • Checking of the combined fluids

These are the factors which make a huge difference between the ease of using a chainsaw and difficult and dangerous of the operation a chainsaw.


While buying a brand new chainsaw, you must also consider the price. Before the final decision check the reviews of the available brands of chainsaw over the internet. Then make a list of all brands regarding their performance and prices Then after making a list compare them all with one another and select the best one.