Vintage and Antique Collection of Ship Items for Luxurious Internal Decorative Items

The vintage collection of ship items consists of wide range of navigation-related objects from salvaged and dismantled liners. They are broadly categorized into lighting, billboard, buoys, nautical and other sections for your convenience of selection. You can find a vast inventory of such items in the online store from ship breaking yards at Chittagong. The purchase process is very simple. You can select the items of your choice from the website and request for a quote. After confirming the quote you have to provide your shipping address. Once you get the sales contract you can make the payment via LC or TT and receive the shipment at the specified address.

All the genuine ship items are taken from the ship breaking yard after the owner has officially handed over the ship. So, you can be relaxed about the legality of these items. You will have no legal or other hassles since you get the official selling contract from the supplier for each part.

Benefits of Buying from Marine Salvage Antiques

  • You can opt for bulk purchases at wholesale price. When you compare the price of the same antique and vintage items with the retail market, you make big saving on every purchase you make.
  • The ship items from the seller are made from genuine metal, glass and other fire retardant materials. They have withstood the harsh sea and weather conditions for many decades. The antique items are in fact older than many hundreds of years. Their current market value is estimated to be multiple times the price you pay. Most of them are made from cast iron, brass, bronze, copper and other metals belonging to the pre and post-Second World War Era.

  • The items are unique in design and they have authentic value for their designer features. They are designed and manufactured according to the industry standards that existed in the 18th and 19th and 20th, For example, you can consider the antique ship wheel from the Victorian era. This is made by the pure combination of wood and metal parts. This is renovated and refurbished to restore the original appearance and aesthetic features. You can use it as wall decorative in your home.
  • The objects like anchors, chains, and shackles are still in working conditions. Their sheer weight and size make them highly safe and secure in nature. They are coated with rustproof paints and additives which can last for many more decades into the future. You can use them as décor objects and put them into practical applications for your fishing boats and trawlers.
  • You can start a retail shop for the ship items in your country by getting the license from the You can speak to the wholesalers about the probability of being a whole time franchise in your country, depending on their terms and conditions.
  • You can get the entire collection of interior and exterior designing objects from one location. This will help you in renovating the interior designs of your large home in the “pirate and sailor” themes from the collections.